Why I am seeking the position of Slidell Chief of Police

I began my law enforcement career with the Slidell Police Department in 1980. I have dedicated my life to serving and protecting the citizens of Slidell and the State of Louisiana. I would like to continue my law enforcement career, where I began over 35 years ago, by leading the police department of the city that I love and call home.

How I would lead the Slidell Police Department

  • Community Policing- I will strive to earn the respect of the community by working hand in hand with local businesses, neighborhood watch programs, home owner associations, civic organizations and our faith based communities to keep the citizens of Slidell safe. I will engage and listen to the public to learn their concerns, thereby preventing crime from taking place. Officers will consistently patrol specific areas of the city to become familiar with the crime patterns within that area.  Officers will also communicate directly with the residents and business owners of the community in which they serve.
  • Accountability- The Citizens of Slidell demand and deserve continued excellence from the Slidell Police Department. This is achieved through training, technological advances, updated equipment and in-house policing of its members. I would implement an early warning system that would identify potential personnel problems within the police department.
  • Transparency- I will have an open door policy and will cooperate with public information requests. I will keep the community informed about public safety issues and the operations of the Slidell Police Department. When elected, I will add an “Ask the Chief” link to the Slidell Police Department website. Citizens and business owners will be able to ask questions, express concerns, and provide feedback directly to the Chief. I will also have quarterly “Ask the Chief” meetings that will be open to the public.
  • Pro-active Enforcement- Pro-active enforcement will include a highly visible police presence during daily patrols of neighborhoods, businesses and schools. I will have a traffic enforcement division which actively patrols heavy traffic areas thereby lowering the number of vehicle crashes. Enforcement of traffic laws has a major impact on criminal activity.  My goal is to have a fully staffed Police Department.  I will work to retain our police officers by seeking to increase officer pay. I will also partner with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to obtain additional resources and training for the Slidell Police Department.
  • Operation Angel- I fully support this program implemented by Law Enforcement Agencies across the Northshore. Operation Angel allows those suffering from drug addition to show up at any police station in St. Tammany Parish and ask for help without fear of going to jail. People that need help will receive treatment for addiction. The individual seeking help will be paired with an “Angel” to guide them through the recovery process and be connected to programs that will give them the help they need. The program is only intended to help drug users. Anyone caught dealing drugs will be arrested and prosecuted.
  • Kids and Police Program (KAP Program)- The Slidell Police Department will reach out to young people- especially those in need of a role model. The KAP program will help build bridges of long-term trust and confidence between children in the community and the police. Too often, children have negative views of police officers. The KAP program will afford young people the opportunity to interact with officers in a supportive and positive manner.

-Will work with churches, schools, social service agencies, and the city recreation department to help identify at-risk youth and pair them with interested and dedicated police officers.

-Activities will include: attending monthly roll calls, monthly meals (lunch or dinner), home visits (with family agreement), participation in community activities, phone calls, e-mails, texts, encouraging participation in sporting activities (attending games to show support), and seeking out community resources if needed for the family.

-Research shows that a well-established and trusted mentoring program through a police department can go a long way in enhancing confidence with our youth, particularly with our most in need youth and their families.

My Core Law Enforcement Values = PRIDE


  • In all actions, conduct and job performance


  • For all citizens and each other, regardless of age, race, gender, appearance, individual beliefs or lifestyles


  • Truthful and Honest
  • Ethical
  • Doing what is right


  • To the organization, each other, our families and the citizens we serve
  • Unquestionable work ethic


  • In everything we do
  • Seeking to improve and excel, always